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1. How much does it cost to have my dog groomed?

Please refer to the 'Styling' page on our website for a guide to our prices.


2. What is included in a full groom?

Our full grooms include styling via clipping and/or trimming, nail clip, brush and comb through, bath including shampoo and conditioner, ear  clean, fluff dry and perfume.


3. How long does a groom take?

Again, this is dependent entirely on the dog as they are an individual. Also any other dogs within the salon and how their grooming has gone. Usually full grooms take 2-3 hours.


4. When can I book in?

Our usual appointment hours are Mon-Sat 1000-1700 Hrs (this is variable) and 1 late evening a month. We are booking at least 3 weeks in advance.


5. What should I bring?

The dog on a lead :) We have crates with ample sanitised bedding, lots of water, toys and treats too. If your dog has their own medicated shampoo you must bring this with you. Also if they have allergy specific treats, please feel free to bring a couple of these too if you wish.


6. Do I need to stay as my dog is very nervous/anxious.

    “Nervous & Anxious dogs are our speciality“

We ask that owners bring in their dogs with lots of confidence (as your little canine friend can sense if you are nervous) offer lots of praise, pass them over to us in our open plan salon and go off and do some shopping. You are always welcome to stay if you feel more comfortable to do so but, from our years of experience, dogs are always better behaved when their owners are not in view. We usually offer to call as soon as the groom is finished. We do ask that if you do stay; you respect that we are grooming which is a technical job and do not distract your doggy otherwise we may not be able to safely complete a groom. This same principal applies if you arrive early to collect your dog; we may not be able to safely complete your dogs groom and you may be asked to return at a better time.


7. What actually happens during the grooming process?

Every doggy is an individual and we never expect 2 dogs to behave or react the same to every process. We do not ask dogs to do things that they do not feel comfortable or confident about and never push them. The usual process is as follows:


i. We greet you and your wonderful doggy at reception and establish what we are looking to achieve from today’s appointment. We assess your dogs coat, advise what we will do and give you a time to come back/offer to give you a ring.


ii. Your dog will then be welcomed to mingle with any others in the salon (including our own), be crated or bedded up in our secondary room.


iii. Once a groomer is free, we will gently lift your dog onto the lower level of our hydraulic tables and push a button to lift the table to the right height. This  is when the magic happens! We start the beautifying process by styling and prepping your canine friend ready for a bath!


iv. If your dog becomes tired or restless, we allow them to rest or play before they go into the bath.


v. The bath is warm water, with sweet smelling suds and silky conditioner. We will undertake any spa treatments at this time too!


vi. Your dog will be dried now with our super absorbent towels. Then we will pop a ‘Happy Hoody’ on them to protect their ears and start the blasting process. A blaster is a high velocity hair dryer that lifts and drys. It also ‘blasts’ out old, dead undercoat too! Most dogs love this as it really gets those itchy spots.


vii.  We do NOT USE Cabinet dryers...


viii. Now your dog will be finished, have a sprinkling of fairy dust and perfume, have their nails clipped and ear cleaned and you will receive a phone call to say they are ready.


8. How can I pay?

We accept cash or credit/debit cards (except AMEX). We do not accept cheques.

9. Sorry... We don’t offer credit